Inspiring Love Women’s retreat

With Déva Presence
and Eliska Vaea

May 24 – 27th 2018 Prague, Czech Republic.

Some of the top things our participants are searching for:

being met in the depths of love
reconcile the traumas of the past
being alive in her pleasure potential
becoming attractive to her dream partner

If any of this resonates with you, then this is the retreat for you! What is most unique about this retreat is that it is guided with a man: “Deva Presence” along side Czech native Eliska Vaea.

After over a decade of working with women and couples, Deva and Eliska has prepared a straight forward set of rituals, techniques and wisdom body practices that help women:

  • Love and accept themselves while restoring their wild woman
  • Find that deep inner ‘Yes’ to life and their lover
  • Build the attractive qualities men are actually looking for beyond the physical image
  • Unravel their magnificent orgasmic potential and own their pleasure.

In this retreat we harmonize the connection between women, dance out any self loathing and limiting beliefs, give practicals on deepening resonance while maintaining softness and power in a woman’s body and heart. Some of the most attractive things a woman can master in herself is the ability to surrender to her own hearts desires.

Meet the Facilitators!

Eliska Vaea is women’s intimate health mentor focusing on empowerment of the feminine globally. She guides women through practices that connect them to their true essence through which they successfully bring their life into alignment and orgasmic experience. Her excitement, curiosity, and thirst for freedom and intimacy with life has led her to over 60 countries leading women and exploring yogic and spiritual traditions of diverse cultures around the world. Eliska has 500+ hours Yoga education. She is a passionate 5Elements Dance Activation© & Cacao Ceremony certified facilitator and certified School of Pelvic Floor Guide, 

Extensive study in the field of nutrition, vibrational medicine, breath-work & therapeutic movement 

Deva Presence has held workshops on permaculture, conscious communication and sexuality, mens retreats and sacred body work practices throughout Eastern Europe. He holds space with absolute integrity, enthusiasm and love. After fifteen years of taking and teaching workshops and retreats worldwide, he has written a new book unraveling what it means to be a lover with depth and totality. He is the principle in the online course Master Lover and has a degree in philosophy.

Extensive study in the field of permaculture, yoga, bodywork & conscious communication 



I will have you in my heart forever. I am so grateful for the precious gift that you gave me, making me feel alive again, making me feel worthy and loved, helping me connect to my body again, to its desires and expressions. The two days with you were life changing on so many levels. So many layers of old pain are getting cleared now and i feel how this heavy pain i cared all my life with me is finally being lifted from my heart and from my whole body. You are a gift to this world and i hope and wish for many more women and men to open up to you and receive your healing soft and loving energy that brings so much freedom and peace into the heart. Bless you Deva

“Eliska created open and intimate space for all women. They, and I felt seen and heard – safe and free at the same time. She created a unique event of a women’s circle where nobody judges or frowns upon you being FULLY YOU.”
~ Marketa

“Eliska was able to hold space where I felt relaxed and energized. I learnt so much about my feminine parts. I had no idea what is possible in my body. It’s amazing! So many important muscles we all have and don’t know how to find them. I’m inspired to keep exploring with all the practices I learnt at the workshop. Eliska exceeded all my expectations.” ~ Barbora

We’re going to have beautiful and literally delicious meditations that range from heart opening to sensual and soul expanding. There will be dance, connection, embodiment, amazing energy, breath work, community, fun, tenderness, nurturing, vulnerability, bliss, conscious touch and sacredness. A full range of all the beauty our human experience has to offer.

This retreat is a fun, loving and a safe place to be.


Every day there is morning movement practice and 3 healthy meals served. We have 2 to 3 sessions each day that are from 2 -3 hrs. with breaks and food in between. There is space to enjoy the beautiful nature surroundings and have some alone time.

Day 1 - Connection

Connect to the location and facilitators.
Evening: Clearing and Creation

Day 2 - Physical

Morning: Cosmic Dance.
Afternoon: Open to the Yin.
Evening: Heart opening cacao ceremony.

Day 3 - Emotional

Morning: Forgiving is For giving.
Afternoon: When love shines through.
Evening: Temple Pudja

Day 4 - Energetic.

Morning: Orgasmic Breath.
Afternoon: Inner Dance & Closing ceremony


Welcome to Ekocentrum, 

They are a newly established educational and residential center for environmental education and personal development.  They are focused on nature conservation, good consumer behavior, healthy living and healthy eating, organic farming and permaculture, natural healing, alternative medicine and yoga. Accommodations are nine lovely shared rooms from 2 to 6 women. There is two large halls for our workshops to take place and a lovely dining hall for our food. We are very fortunate to obtain this space for our retreat. more details at

  • ekocentrum
  • +420 774 447 781
  • Lu Focus


Come to this women's retreat knowing you can completely shed your fears, embrace your tears and shout with cheers of joy for being the beautiful lover that you are!