"Dance your way into the heart of love."

What is love for you?

Do you want to become a magnificent lover of life, in intimacy and feeling joyous about YOU?!? On this weekend powerful and effective tools are offered to you to embody the LOVER that you are. You will become aware of how we relate to each other. The impact we actually have on each other is significant when we choose to channel that loving connection. We inform each other a lot energetically, often without being aware of it at all. We get changed by each encounter we have, especially when touch is involved.

On this weekend you will feel what exchange takes place:

 from your sexual organs to the sexual organs of your partner,

 from your solar plexus to solar plexus of your partner, 

from your third eye to third eye of your partner. 

from your heart to the heart of your partner, 

from your center to the center of your partner,

You will learn what kind of energies to invite to yourself and what kind to avoid, in order to feel joyous and healthy.


You learn to create energy in the body by breathing, by shaking and rocking, by vibration and through touch. You learn to channel and direct energy. You learn specific qualities of touch and how to use them in a massage.


We’re going to have beautiful and literally delicious meditations that range from heart opening to sensual and soul expanding. There will be dance, connection, embodiment, amazing energy, breath work, community, fun, tenderness, nurturing, vulnerability, bliss, conscious touch and sacredness. A full range of all the beauty our human experience has to offer.

This workshop is a fun, loving and a safe place to be. 

Meet the Facilitators!

clinical sexologist (sexualtherapeutic methode Sexocorporel), tantra teacher (since 2010),
dance teacher, choreographer and dancer (since 1992).
She lives and teaches a fusion of a tantric perspective on the world and dance as a practice of life. She supports people to get aware of themselves, to sense their bodies and themselves and to have a healthy and blissful (sexual) life.
She is a student of tantra master Daniel Odier since 10 years. She teaches a fusion of tantra and the dance form contact improvisation (CI). She has been teaching at a lot of tantra as well as CI festivals in Europe.
She gives womb dialogue sessions to women and tantra workshops for women and transgender.
She is based in Vienna, she mainly teaches in Austria, Germany and France.

Déva Presence is a conscious lyricist, author and guide. For over a decade he has been teaching retreats and workshops on conscious sexuality, relationships, spirituality, yoga, and permaculture. None of it compares to his real life experience of becoming liberated in his emotions. He shares from the heart what he knows works! He has travelled the world for seven years deepening his connection to nature and many cultures. He is the principle of “Master Lover” online course as taught by Master tantra teacher Ma Ananda Sarita, a disciple of Osho. He earned a degree in Philosophy and is sharing his gifts as a musician, author, teacher and lover of the earth.
Deva is available for private bodywork or guidance. Contact him for availability.


• How to channel and direct energy though the body
• How to send and how to receive energy
• What kind of energies to invite to yourself and what kind to avoid, in order to feel joyous and healthy
• How to build receptivity and magnetism in the body
• How to bring deep relaxation and openness by opening the energy centers
• How to deepen the intimacy to an irritable connection
• How to heal and reduce trauma, shame and guilt from the body


• Your loving self and open heart (single or couples welcome)
• Something to write with 
• Comfortable clothing to move in. 
• Many friends you feel would be interested in this. Please share! 

Address: Dr. Schmida, Lehárgasse 1, 1060 Wien
Date: June 15th-17th
Time: Friday 18-22 h, Saturday 11-22h, Sunday 10:30-17h 

Price: € 250,- 
Early bird price (till April 30th): € 220,- 

Click the PAY HERE BUTTON Below to reserve your space ($50 minimum). You do not need a PayPal account and click through to accept a Debit or Credit Card payment. Thank you
Registration: Sabine Sonnenschein: son2nens@gmail.com

All genders, couples and singles welcome!!!