Open to Love…

When love arrives, don’t fear. Don’t fear that the love may be rejected or lost. Let love guide you. Open yourself to love and be clear that this love is yours. Love has no demands on the other. The ultimate and empowered form of love is compassion. If you have pure empathic compassion for yourself and others, love then needs not to be limited.

I have experienced this time and time again. Someone is feeling love for me, so they close themselves down in fear of loss or the pain they may experience. By doing this… they feel pain. So they think – “See, it’s painful to love, so I will close down now.” I invite you to please see this differently. You are experiencing pain because you are closing, not because you are loving.

When loving, truly loving in deep compassion for yourself and others and not in need for some obligatory entrapment we masquerade as a ‘loving relationship’, the feeling of love is exceptionally exquisite. Let love take you. Let love live through you now. Don’t wait for some conditions for your means of connection to be met in order to feel this beautiful side of you.

Many are living for years without love. This was me… Twenty years without allowing myself to love because I was waiting for a particular connection to allow myself to feel this beautiful quality we have inside. What a massive suppression! And my heart nearly exploded with the love that was finally allowed to be felt. My heart ached in the new depth and expansion for months. I did not know who I was or how to be. Many fears raised in this time, and I faced them. Now, I am not afraid of love.

I will let love flow through me. And Im talking about deep rich vulnerable love. Not the spiritual By-passing BS that people claim when they say they love out of some arbitrary principle of new age thought. I’m talking about that juicy intimate eye watering love so many fear to feel. And so they close off.

Imagine deep passionate rich love making, with loving embraces and hearts melting together, then suddenly, simply because of fearful thought filled with future projections, pain and closing off sets in. We have conditioned some outlandishly bad habits in our psyche; to fire the neurological connection of fear when we feel love…

I’m here to change this. I invite you to love for the sake of loving. To no longer abandon yourself when your body calls for love. To no longer project love onto another, forcing them to mold to your needs in love. Instead, we move into compassionate listening and allowing, for ourselves and the other.Let love take you, dissolve into you, become your very essence. The process is simple although quite challenging:

Reveal Yourself: “I am afraid of love because of fear of being hurt if things are not connected. I choose to drop this fear NOW and empower myself with compassion and deep love once again”

Feel what comes up: Fear of rejection? let it take you, shake it out of your body. A deeper love, sets in? Let it melt you, acknowledge its presence and allow for it to be expressed. Grief of possible loss? Let the tears flow, make sound, be seen in your vulnerability of letting go and loving again.

A child loves fully…

The body loves you unconditionally…

Love beats blood through your veins. 

Don’t close off, love yourself by allowing love to live through you. Don’t close yourself. Take a vow to never abandon yourself again. Stay open to love ❤️

Let love guide you. Believe (be alive) in this love of yours and know it will not lead you astray. Be in your bold truth, be brave and become the love you are seeking. You have it all along awaiting you inside.

With love,


Déva Presence.

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