"Heart Warrior"

– Men’s rite of passage Retreat –

with Déva Presence

June 07 - 10th, 2018 • Prague • Czech Rep.


Four days of transformative experiences, dynamic activities,
breathtaking views, lush nature hikes, fire ceremonies, Yoga, Qi Gong, Sweat Lodge
and that long needed break away from everything.

Have you experienced a
‘Rite of Passage’?

Are you ready to have a transformative and integrative experience bringing you into the heart of a Warrior?

A rite of passage includes a symbolic journey, challenging transition, opening and envisioning process, community reincorporation and a ceremony with its completion.

I believe every man should take a form of passage at least once on their journey. This retreat is a powerful once in a life time opportunity for receiving your Rite’s of Passage.

Get ready!

Know what it means to be in deep integrity and bravery with men. Melt away the stress, the discontent and renew your sense of purpose.  Become so alive you are roaring with laughter, bursting with tears and shouting echo’s through the mountains with a new exuberance for life.  Be still, find peace, inner balance and revel in nature’s beauty.

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Unravel The four Faces
Of Your Inner Warrior

The Willing Warrior

– Freedom to express and be in the unknown

–  Breach the Pain/Pleasure Paradigm.

– Relationships as a Rite of Passage

The Magnetic Warrior

– A Man of Power
(Reconnecting with life force energy)

– Magnetize Your Truth

– Need for Sex to Ease of Love Making

The Vulnerable Warrior

– Ride the Storm while Respecting Yourself

– Letting go of Unnatural emotions

– Cultivating Your Power and Resilience

The Wisdom Warrior

– Love the mind. Listen to your body

– Stop being a pleaser! Start being Presence

– Practicing discernment while honoring the woman

Break free of unconscious conditioning
by being in Brotherhood


– Retreat Schedule –

Thursday Night



Deep Integrity

Sweat Lodge


Find your Power

Shadow Boxing

Willing Warrior

Vulnerable Warrior

Facing Fear

Fire Ceremony


Yoga for Man Power

Magnetic Warrior

Loving Women

Wild Master Lover

Sacred Theater

Sweat Lodge


Earth Qi Gong


Wisdom Warrior

A New Vision

Rite of Passage Ceremony

– Limited availability –

About Déva Presence

Déva Presence is a conscious lyricist, author and Permaculture Teacher. After a decade of leading people on retreats and workshops on many topics including relationships, permaculture, yoga and conscious sexuality, none of it compares to his personal life experience. He shares from the heart and what he knows works. Being in the transformative fire that all are seeking to move through is his method. 

He has traveled the world deepening his connection to nature, taking countless courses and retreats for self-empowerment, sharing his gifts as a musician, author and teacher. He earned a degree in Philosophy and has been teaching yoga, permaculture and conscious sexuality for 7+ years.

The past years working with men and deep connections had brought him into a ‘right of passage’ that has catapulted him into launching this inspiring work!
Nothing compares to life’s lessons and in reflection on retreat with so many other men. He has realized this work is very much needed. NOW!
“I went through decades of training and all of it has drove me deep into the Heart Warrior I wish to bring out in us all.”


The Universe brought Deva to me. I was feeling lost and “grasping at straws” along my way. As many of you probably can attest, our journey along “the path” is anything but direct. I had reached a point where, although I was pretty sure a path was there somewhere, I was unable to distinguish it from the surrounding terrain. Deva is helping me by shining HIS light on MY path. Although he is much to modest to admit, he is a sage-like guide when we lose our way. He’s traveled the path alone and with others and I’m so glad he showed up for me when he did. It’s so easy to lose faith when we cannot see where our trail leads or, worse yet, lose sight of it all together. Deva knows how to navigate these areas with amazing grace and skill. Thank you Deva. I feel safer on my journey because your outstretched hand found my fingertips.
Aviation Officer
What’s Included

3 night’s Camping
(check-in Thursday evening – check-out Sunday afternoon)

All meals – organic gourmet vegetarian meals

Yoga, Qi Gong, Sweat Lodge & Meditation

Powerful and Dynamically facilitated experiences

Other surprise activities (weather-allowing)

What’s NOT Included

Travel to Prague 

Transportation (we can help with that)

Indoor lodging for an additional fee. 


Upon enrollment you get full access to an Online Training on
Becoming a Lover of Life, Intimacy and in You

Be Bold, Be Brave, Become.


Your courageous heart knows you are ready to bring out that powerful Warrior inside! Of course everyone needs a time to retreat from it all, be in nature, eat well and come back to oneself. You will get this. Particularly, you will get an experience unlike no other. Building that warrior inside of you among other courageous men is deep and enriching to ones life. If you have not done something like this before, I encourage you to come. If you have, this will be a whole new experience as a rite of passage. By coming to this retreat you will find: 

More Victories – Happily drop the poverty consciousness and prosper! Blissfully attract the relationship you want with courage.

More Vitality – Become an amazing multi-orgasmic lover and feel great health while reducing stress!


More Vision – The joy of creating the life you dream into reality! 

You will experience the unique adventure of finding your manhood held in a space of conscious brotherhood.

You will expand your vision of yourself.

You will learn how to be vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

You will grow your capacity to manifest (Man-I-Fest) by breaking free of old patterns​.

You will start connecting with your vitality and renewed sense of fulfillment, by embodying your conscious presence and reunite with your innocence.

Yes, I suggest start journaling from now about what changes you wish to see in your life. So that you come with a very clear intent and focus when you arrive. Also, consider cleaning up your diet and exercising at least a few weeks before so you are in good health and ability when you arrive. We will also send you a prep list for specifics before you arrive. Most important thing is that you come with an open heart and mind.​

The retreat is going to take place between June 7th – 10th, in Czech Republic. About 15 minutes from the main Airport in Praque. 

The retreat is going to be held at

Tvořivý prostor Lorien, Nenačovice ​

 free private parking is also available. 

​We will be serving vegetarian meals with many vegan options. Fish and Eggs will also be available at times. Food is purchased locally and organic when possible. Prepared with love and served 3 times a day. Some snacks will also be available certain times of the day. There is a health food store walking distance if you need particular personal items. The meals where consciously chosen to be delicious, grounding and to ease digestion throughout the retreat​. 

This is a camping retreat so men feel very connected and close to nature. you will need to bring your camping gear and all things that help you feel comfortable sleeping outdoors. We will have a fire every evening and sweat lodge ceremony a few evenings. Plenty of time will be set aside for bonding with nature, each other and with yourself. 


The closet airport is Prague International Airport, but you can also take a bus to Prague cheap from local countries.  You can choose to rent a car or take the train to the nearest station. We will guide you through the whole process, but if you want to receive more information prior to your booking, drop us a note at contact@devapresence.com

You can secure your spot via PayPal, which is secure, fast and easy. Also, if you prefer to pay via bank transfer please write us at lufocus@gmail.com

We’ll come back to you with all needed details.

Before May 10th: If you need to cancel for any reason, we will refund the amount paid minus a $150 administration fee.

From May 10th – June 7th: There are no refunds, but you may transfer your paid spot to a friend or family member. Just leave us a note  at contact@devapresence.com and we’ll take over.

Invest in yourself

The cost of this retreat is

Early bird fee 300€
for the first 10 people who sign up


Limited availability
*You can use credit or debit card Via paypal without signing up.
**Please have a look at our cancellation policy