The Relevance of Feeling Fear

What are you afraid of? What is stopping you from getting into the relationship you want? Or hindering you from deepening your current connection? Why are you afraid to leave your job and starting a new career? Why do we fear things that are not life threatening?
Fear is your friend. Make friends with Fear. Friends want you to be safe and to feel cared for. Your fear is your access to bringing in safety and care for oneself. Fear (without the influence of the mind) is simply a self-love emotion. It wants to move you into action:
Fight-Flight, Freeze-Feel, Flow-Freedom. Here is my theory:

Fight and Flight from the brain stem (reptilian/plant part of our brain): Plants evolving up to reptiles have this system to take immediate action upon imminent danger from the outside world. Our whole system is wired for response to protect ourselves from real danger. This is an extremely useful and necessary component to our nervous system when in need of survival. However most of us, fortunately, are living in safe environments and therefore rarely need to call upon this system for danger. We can certainly call upon it, though, for re-sensitizing our body and conscious awareness. The Cerebellum is also apart of this hindbrain that enables us to make precise and accurate movements. Next time you feel fear from stage fright, consider the fear helping you master your movements in dance and enjoy the journey.
Freeze and Feel from the Limbic system (mammalian part of our brain): In the midbrain we begin to form strategies from the bodies response to the outer world. Freezing is designed to reduce loss of blood and handle very traumatic experiences such as being eaten alive by a lion. It also calms the lion’s need to ravish its prey to control it. The prey that could not fight or flee fast enough has another chance to survive by running in the moment the lion’s guard is down. Afterwards, once the animal is in safety away from the lion, it will take the time to shake out all the freeze response so it can come alive and back into a normal state again. The other option the animal has is to express a strong emotion like roaring, crying or even laughing to distract the opponent, diffuse the intensity, defend itself or create a desperate call for help from others in the moments of danger. Once the feeling is expressed, the animal can quickly go back into other emotions or return to the void of peace it lives in naturally. We do not live in this void of peace simply because we keep the freeze response in our bodies and suppress our emotions.
Flow and Freedom from the NeoCortex (human/dolphin thinking brain): So many of us consider the forebrain to be the superior portion of our heads. It gives us the freedom to reconsider how and why we respond to things talking place in our life. We can completely choose to sacrifice our selves and let the lion eat us (surrender). We can choose to intelligently build and construct weaponry or walls that keep us safe at a distance. Fortunately, this intelligence has given us an incredible ability to concur the earth and inhabit it in ultimate safety (aside from the dangers of other humans). Unfortunately, we have also over-ruled our emotional intelligence (connected to the wisdom body/heart) in the name of logic and rational responses to life. By over riding the emotional body we actually inhibit our connection to the outer world and force ourselves to live deeper and deeper in the mind. We become ruled by the Neo-cortex while suppressing the wisdom of the body.

I invite you to instead see the forebrain as a magnificent tool for communication and choice driven regulation of our needs associated with the outer world. It controls pain, hunger, thirst, body temperature and blood pressure; all of which, when in fear, can cognitively communicate reasoning to the body to ‘go with the flow’ and come out of the fight, flight, freeze or feel as a response. Think of it as mental aikido. Do this not to over-rule the bodies response, but to bring choice into the matter. Only then do we have true freedom. That is, when the body is free from tension from freezing and suppressing feelings. Freedom and flow can be gained when we come from a place of ease in the body. This is a true aikido master of the mind.

For the most part, people are ruled by fears that are based on lies. Lies that they tell themselves about themselves or others. Or based on influences from media, school or family suggesting that they need to respond to certain things with debilitating fears. And so they worry that one day something ‘might’ happen. We are afraid of the unknown, of what might happen. I have a poem for you:
So we’re gonna explore the relevance of feeling fear
Get lost when we think loss will appear
and obstacle to move beyond them
yet we gotta find a way to reveal our fears
It’s kinda quite like being quick on the mic then pause
Improve, then evolve.
There’s a way that this can be solved.
Liberate and relate to all
And demonstrate that faith finds a place
and home to those who hone in
to their own being and state, its known to those who flow in
Unison to act again and toss elements conducing fear
And factor in, the acronym of False Evidence Appearing Real.
Be in the unknown. Enjoy the presence fear brings to your awareness. Let fear be awareness settled into your soothing omni-presence.
So aware in the present moment that you can hear your breathing and feel the hairs on your skin tuning into your surroundings. When we are interpreting and trying to be right, we justify our bodies response and suppress our nature. Un-know what you know. Become bewildered by life once again, humbled by the magnitude of this existence. You will never be fully right about something, not even about yourself. So, let go if this insidious task, of by-pass for spiritual gain. Rather then by pass your feelings of fear, transmute the feeling from one of paralyzation to one of sensation, intuition and cognition. Use this power of adrenaline fear fuels in you to move you into a direction of liberation in emotions and a life lived fully.
This is enough for now…
To your emotional freedom,
Cock Hunger and the Era of the Super Human
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